Favourite god/civ poll

Who is your favourite god? (1 choice)
  • Zeus
  • Poseidon
  • Hades
  • Isis
  • Ra
  • Set
  • Odin
  • Thor
  • Loki
  • Kronos
  • Oranos
  • Gaia
  • Fu Xi
  • Nu Wa
  • Shennong

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What civilization is your favourite?
  • Greeks
  • Egyptians
  • Norse
  • Atlanteans
  • Chinese

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I am not sure, but the greeks maybe are my favorites because of them I became interested in the game. And you?

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I love playing as Thor
but not having a ranged hero are their biggest weakness

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Norse are the only civ with unlimited spammable hero. Jarl (+300%) and Bogsveiger (+200%) also have bonus against myth units. Additionally Ragnarok turns all of the villagers into extra strong heroes. Norse have the best hero pool in the game.

Egyptians have only ranged heroes, who do minimal damage against units with high pierce armor like Colossus, what about them?

i want to like shennong so badly. i am definitely a minority that likes the chinese gods. Shennong has some really fun defesive quirks and amazing lategame potential with the right ups (splashy fire lances, incredible halberdiers, some tanky chariots). The trouble is that, well, he kinda sucks for 1v1 play off of water. basically Gaia Lite™

but when it comes down to it, im just a kronos and gaia player and learning the new civ is a struggle.

Shennong has 3 minor gods for water: Sun Wukong, He Bo and Ao Kuang. And GP to enchance wood production. He can’t be so bad.

hm hard question/poll :smiley:

i personally didn’t play the game for like 5 or 6 years now, didn’t play chinese add on and i can’t say i have one favourite god but… civ wise i think greeks took the mythology vibe the furthest and best + they have some of the best and strongest myth units. but i really like the egypt and especially the norse music.

otherwise god wise…

i personally like:

  • Hades for having the coolest heroes in my opinion
  • thor for having the coolest splash art in my opinion :smiley:

i personally never really liked in general that:

  • atlanteans can upgrade many units to heroes
  • atlanteans have (at least in my opinion) the weakest myth units
  • norse and egypt don’t have some names heroes like greek does (always bothered me even as a kid)
  • that greek and norse have a minor god (hel and hera) which both other major gods don’t have which also makes the choices for both other major gods too similar - maybe a very minor opinion but i personally wouldn’t mind to see hera and hel as a fourth major god - but this would mean AOM2 more than AOM DE i assume

regarding minor gods as a kid my favourite minor gods where:

  • norse: skadi (one of my most favourite splasharts and i loved the frost giant and its upgraded look and special attack)
  • greek: dionysus (big dino and dragon fan and hydra is close to that at least kinda and found it great its so big and gets heads - even its hard to keep a multi-headed hydra alive - and skyla was also always pretty cool)
  • egypt: toth (cause as a kid i thought its amazing to controle a flying unit which has this massive fire sounds and flaming dragon breath - also elefants were my favourite none-mythogical unit and toth made them so strong and meteor storm - even i know its too random and by far not the best spell but back then i always thought meteor storm is the by most badass god spell)
  • atlantean: helios (back then i thought heka gigantes is the most badass atlantean myth unit and also can compete with the other myth units of other races, also helios buffs the fireships and i thought back then fireships are REALLY badass even tho i never really was a big fan of firesiphons - god spell was quite usefull too even tho i thought the other myth spells way cooler)
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Atlantean myth units got massive buffs in EE.
Heka Giant - Armor 45% —> 60%
Argus - HP 360 —> 550
Satyr - attack 12 —> 20
Behemoth - regeneration 1 —> 2
Automaton - HP 200 —> 230
Lampades - Asper Blood 25 —> 50
And this list isn’t even complete.

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