Feature request: 2 players using the same units/buildings

It would be fun to have a mode where you and a friend can play on one civ against other 2 enemies get under control of another civ.

In fact, is a 1vs1 game but you will be 4 players controling the villagers buildings and army of 2 civs. This way yo could focus for example on eco units and your friend on army, or viceversa, whatever you want. Don’t you find hilarious?


welcome to aoe2 world, where it’s already done

there were showmatches/tournaments, where PROs were playing with noobs, and have limited time (3min) to fix any issues.

btw, nice option, but in aoe2 did not find the success.

Good idea. This feature was indeed successful in SC2, it would also be very interesting if we added it in AOE4, which has a complex economic system.

If they set it up right, would be fun and give players more options to play the game.

I played games with this mechanics and they can turn out quite fun!

I my self is a more army-type of player.

My biggest weakness in aoe2 is managing eco because i like microing units on the field far more than constantly be distractedby vills about to go idle and whatnot.

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