[Feature Request] Add a button for the tech tree to any location you can select a civilization

As a player who mostly plays ranked multiplayer I would like the ability to view the technology tree for a race more quickly than I currently can from the multiplayer screen. Right now if I want to view a civilizations technology tree I need to leave the ranked play screen and go to the single player screen and click the technology tree button.

Here is suggestion on implementation with a lot of assumptions about existing implementation. It would save a lot of time if there was a small button next to any place you can select a civilization to display their technology tree. As I stated before I am not sure how the game is implemented but I am making the big assumption that their is a civilization selector control that you could add the technology tree button too so that all locations with the civilization select control would gain that functionality. Another option would be to add a button next to the the horn button here so just this one location required less clicks to see the technology tree.


Thank you for all the hard work you do on AoE2 keep up the great work!


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