Feature Request: Add an Optional Automatic Game Recording for Single-Player

Reposting this so I don’t necro an old thread: I respectfully request an optional feature that records single-player games automatically under one file name so that the most recent single-player game has a recording and it is always available.

Due to one reason or another, the majority of the AOE3 player base plays single-player. I myself have had periods of only playing single-player vs. the AI while dealing with some lifestyle changes. One thing I have noticed is that in multiplayer, even when record game is not selected, a recorded game is still saved, under the extremely clever name “record_game.age3yrec”

This is a very useful feature as it allows one to retrieve a recorded game in all circumstances, whether you were playing a ranked game or in a casual lobby that did not select it. It allows you to retrieve the most recent multiplayer game. This has been very helpful as it means I don’t have to clutter up my save file to record every single multiplayer match, meaning if I play a multiplayer game I want to share with friends or saw a bug and want to upload it here, I just need to retrieve it before the next match.

However, no such automatic recording feature exists for single-player games. This makes it much more difficult to produce recorded or save games for bug reports, as I do not want the record game radial selected in single player as that means every single game will be saved, and I would have to clear out the folder frequently from within the game menu, which is time consuming.

I respectfully request a feature that saves a record of the most recent single-player games automatically under one file name so that only the most recent single-player game recording is present. This could be an option selected in game settings, saving a recording as something like “singleplayer_record_game.age3yrec”. This would make things much easier when trying to find the most recent single-player game, as well as making it far more likely that I or similarly minded people would be able to retrieve a recorded game when a bug is encountered.

As always, I am deeply appreciative of the game developers for their efforts on this wonderful game and hope that a feature like this is added to make it easier for me and others to support them in bug-hunting in whatever little ways we can. Thanks for your consideration and for reading this far.