[Feature Request] Add microphone support

Please add VOIP support, it would be so much easier and fun to communicate in pick-up-games as I don’t have any friends that play AoE2.
I have yet to see a developer give a statement on this.

I really think this would promote higher level of team play and strategy. I also think it would help new players and others that haven’t bothered to learn all the taunts or abbreviations.
Text-communication aren’t really effective late-game as the text is rushing by in my opinion.

An argument that I have heard against voice chat feature is due to unwanted toxicity in the game, but you can be just as toxic in written form as in voice. In fact the most toxicity I have ever witnessed in any game is from AoE2.
A way around this is to just have VOIP disabled by default or have an option to mute players in-game.

I hope at least it will be available in AoE4.
Sorry for my English, it’s not my native language.


Yeah this is one of the must need features in AoE2:DE. If toxicity feels a problem to you then fine. You can use chat commands or toggle mute/unmute in chat menu. There are a lot of ways to handle this.

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I just want to express my support for this idea. Any sort of a voice chat would be a massive improvement of the communication. I would find it a lot more enjoyable to play with unknown players if there would be an easy build in way to communicate with them without loosing time typing (i think voice chat just would work best). I hope more people support this idea, so someone from the dev team picks it up.
If there are good arguments against a voice chat let me know. I think the people above argued very well how toxicity can be avoided by a default mute system or similar things

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