[Feature Request] additional navigation buttons after games

Dear AoE2DE developers,

I would like to ask of you to add extra buttons to show up on the Statistics Screen after playing/spectating a game to improve quality of life(via faster navigation) without having to return to the Main Menu.

requested extra buttons after Singleplayer Game: [watch replay], [return to Standard Game] (different from play again, because play again results in the same map and the same settings)

requested extra buttons after Lobby Game: [watch replay], [return to Lobby Browser]

requested extra buttons after Ranked Game: [watch replay], [return to Ranked]

requested extra button for all of the above: [save replay] (unless “record game” was active anyway, then this should be grayed out and state “replay saved”)
For this please just record every game in a temporary location regardless of the “record game” setting being on or off and allow players deciding to save the temporary replay in the replays(to keep) folder after a game via the new [save replay] button.

requested extra buttons after Spectating: [return to Spectate Games]

Please consider it (forum users please like/upvote).

best regards,

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Dropdown entries to select “current 1v1 ranked map pool” and “current team game ranked map pool” for getting random maps vs AI in Standard Game would also be nice to have.

I dont think these ideas needs to be have high priority, but i do like them. I wouldnt mind if they get implemented at some point.

For the watch replay button: I would prefer a greyed out button if there is no replay saved.

For the watch replay button: I would prefer a greyed out button if there is no replay saved.

The request asks to always save at least a temporary replay, so that [watch replay] will always be available for that. Then [save replay] is for keeping it permanently (unless “record game” was checked anyway in which case [save replay] would be gray and say [replay saved]).

The important point about this part of the feature request is that it would be good to be able to decide upon having a replay after a game was played and not having to make that decision in advance and then having to delete most replays later.