Feature Request: Allow Same hotkey for different actions

I would like to bind two different actions to the same hotkey.

For example: Select all Mosques and Select all Monasteries on the same hotkey would make a lot of sense to me. Same with Select all Mills and Select all hunting cabins.
So for actions involving buildings that can never occur for the same player in the same game, I don’t see a reason why they can’t be bound to the same hotkey

Another example: Remove last queued unit and Activate cinematic mode. There are some hotkeys only used as an observer and some hotkeys never used as an observer. Why can’t I bind those to the same hotkey?

I think the easiest approach is just two allow binding different actions to the same hotkey and then let the player be responsible for not binding two thinks to the same hotkey that can occur in the same game.

Let me know what you think.

Lg Sammy

If you tried the game you would realize that selecting all the monasteries recognizes the mosques as well as the universities with madrsas, on the other hand you can make several profiles

thanks for your answer. Very nice to hear that madrasas are counted as universities. I doesn’t count hunting cabins as mills for example though. And also my second example is still valid. So i think there are still enough examples on where you might want to bind different actions on the same key.

The problem with profiles is that you have to switch all the time and especially when you select random civ, you have to switch during the game.

I also think you don’t loose much by giving the players the freedom to do with the hotkeys what ever they want. I mean that’s the theme since release that players just want to do what ever they want so simply let them do it. One can display a warning when binding two actions to the same key or show a warning next to an action stating that there is another action with the same key. If it gets to complicated, you can hide the entire “one key for multiple actions” behind a toggle/advanced settings.

What do you think?

They want to make life difficult for the poor developer, if duplicating hotkeys is allowed, how would you know that you had duplicated a key and how would the computer know which one to choose. There are so many things that we are demanding from the few people who work there, in addition to bugs and more civilizations, it is better to make other profiles and change the subject

allow conflicts was an option in age 3 16 years ago, day 1, this and many other details of this nature should’ve been considered from the get go, it can only cause devs issues now if they just started considering it now, we’re talking painfully basic feature here, yes not all games have it, but ones with age of empires in the name got it with aoe3, later i think it got to DEs for 1 and 2, if this game wasn’t named age of empires IV, this expectation wouldn’t necessarily be there, in my opinion

ok, I can’t imagine how those from 3 did to know that by mistake they linked the same key to different functions, otherwise they will know when they are in the game and the key does not respond

I am developer myself and I personally like feature ideas like that. And I don’t think it should be super hard to implement this idea. Besides I at least want to put these ideas out here. I don’t have the feeling that they have only 3 devs sitting over there at Relic. I mean we payed 60 for this game. Aoe 2 de also managed to do this feature and I think there are a lot less people working for Aoe 2 de. I personally think new civilizations should wait until the game is polished.


Well, I’ll tell you that in order for them to add selecting all the TCs, I reported it two betas ago and they implemented it in the steam open beta, I’m not opposed to the game having more alternatives, so what they could do is add the option to select mills and hunting cabin together as another option and so with the ger etc.
I suggested separating buildings and units when you choose to select or center the camera on the same day that I suggested selecting all Tcs, but I don’t know if they will take my suggestion into account

they are already combined in the beta pup, select all the farms request that they put it back