Feature Request: Attack Move ignoring buildings with ALT modifier

This would be so useful ! please work on it :slight_smile:


no stumbling on a random house and showing ur sneak attack, no attacking buildings (including farms!) instead of enermy archers (makes players rage) etc!!


My favourite is units deciding to whack an enemy Farm when there’s enemy army right next to them!


Paladins that keep attacking a building while halberders are poking them in the back

May I also propose another alternative mode ? Pillaging : villagers and trade carts will be top-priority targets, then town centers and markets. Units will avoid engaging military units if possible.


Maybe changing idle millary unit include unit attacking building

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Maybe non siege units could just ignore buldings by default when patrolling / going attack move.

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How about Tarkan or unit with Arson which designed to beat buildings?

Don’t change the default attack move, put several alternate commands :

  • engage army : will focus on military units
  • pillaging : will focus on economic targets
  • raze the town : will focus on buildings

I often use Attack Move, but i hate and they stop chasing vills o military to hit a building, speacilly archers

That’s also a good idea!

Yah even better. That should be the ideal solution.

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this topic has been discussed extensively in the past, adding a new hotkey to it wont make it any better.

this should never be implemented. if you do not watch your army, then them attacking building is the result of your negligence and it should be punished. better players with higher apm, more keen to their own army awareness should be rewarded with micro.


In command & conquer the Defensive Stance in your units ignore buildings when attack moving, you need Aggressive Stance for them to target buildings.

Why you think this is a bad thing?


Is not good or bad…

I think we are talking about types of players, per example:

I love the C&C Defensive Stance, because I hate Micromanagement

In the other hand, some players love Micromanagement and they would not like that change. (Nothing Wrong with that)

So is not that is good or bad, is just that would change the way people play and generally speaking that is never well received.

But the players could still micro as much as they want. They don’t want the opponents not wanting to micro, that’s it?

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I don’t want this game to be fun. I want it to be competitive
-some tryhard, probably


Yes, no, maybe???

Most people have only one style of playing and any changes in the game mechanics would benefit players that can adapt, however, the ones that can not or would not adapt may feel that the new mechanics are unfair.

You just need to see how many discussions about Nerf or Buff something are here to understand that.

read the 2nd part of my comment why its a bad thing.

A million times YES!

Also if there would be ways to exclude certain buildings from being attacked that would be awesome. Like houses, farms, walls and markets.

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So it’s basically that it can’t add a ignore buildings stance because not having it rewards players with the highest APM?

Well, it sure is a way to cater to the hyper competitive audience.

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