Feature Request: Default Hotkey Profile for each Civilisation

As different Civilizations come with different unit/buildings, it makes a lot of sense to have different hotkey profiles for the different civilizations. I would like to configure in the settings a profile that is automatically activated when I load into a game as Rus, and one when loading into a game as Dehli, usw.

Does that make sense to you?
Lg Sammy

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We need the default Hotkey Profile for each Civilization, just like the game, Empire Apart.

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I think a better solution would be to allow hotkey conflicts. Configuring one hotkey profile per civ is too much work for 99% of the players.

I think there should be a template hotkey profile which is used as starting point for the hotkey profile of every civilization. By modifying the profile, one modifies the profiles of all civs. So for everyone who doesn’t want civ specific profiles is 0% extra work. But the rest than can edit civ specific profiles. If it gets to confusing/much for casual players, just hide enabling the civ specific profiles behind an advanced settings menu.