Feature request: Enable/disable villagers auto resource gather

Please give us the players the ability to disable auto-resource gathering for villagers after building either a Town Centre or other economy building.

In Death Match especially, you don’t want your villagers to ignore the 2nd or 3rd Town Centre. Neither when creating multiple tech buildings (such as Storage pit / Granary). It is extremely frustrating. It isn’t a matter of micro-management, because the villagers take resource gathering priority over building which isn’t desired.

Seeing that AoE DE developers added farm auto-reseeding to the Granary, I suspect that adding this feature won’t be anything strange or out of the league.


Or they could change the priority of finishing build orders in the neighborhood first and then move over to auto-resource gathering. But as additional option for being able to play this game old school style too I would welcome an option for full disabling of all auto-resource gathering as well as auto-attack and farm reseeding. This way you can control the amount of micro you want in your game.

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Sometimes it can be annoying to have all of our villagers gathering new resources when they already were working on others. On the other hand, there are times when it’s useful to have Villagers automatically gather what’s near them.

So, to summarise, it would be nice if these three buildings had a toggle button to enable villagers gather resources automatically, similar to what happens with Granaries and their relation to Farms and Re-Seeding.

It would be better to have consecutive tasks for villagers, pressing shift (As in AOE 2 DE). This would solve any automatic gatherer.

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But that’s about waypoints. Buildings may overwrite waypoints if the current behavior is not changed :slightly_frowning_face:

I think that would be the best solution. Its present in all modern rts games.