Feature Request for AOE 2 and AOE 4, and probably all AOE franchise

im adding this suggestion / request of feature that i want to see in Age of Empires 2 AND Age of Empires 4!

(Yes, i would like to see it on AOE 2 :CCCC )

Couple days ago i tried Starcraft 2, and i noticed 1 thing, that they have, that AOE dont, and would be, SOOO NICE… you can even add in game shop to earn some more money with the game, thanks to that…


Yes i know, AOE 2 DE has already mods that changes skins of things…

The skins should be seen by the other players…
Only us seeing the skins removes half (probably more than half) of the fun of having skins…

Please… Do it, thanks <3

so you want it to be pay 2 win ?

Or atleast with microtransaction

because the currently way of getting new stuff like profilepictures or cheats is fine for me


I think she wants skin change but not stat change. It affects appearance but not balance.

Btw, the poster have a nice avatar.


wouldt think its stat change anyway but like who would buy like christmas skins for UU or Summer Skins for Building on a possible absurd price

We talk about microsoft tho they have no shame

Can you at least get the name of the games right? It’s not Starwars its Starcraft

edit: author corrected it later

was wondering starwars2 like whoo ? xD

Yes, no pay 2 win…only skins…no stats!
And yes…sorry
Starcraft…not starwars :sweat_smile::slight_smile::rofl:

what do you think should they sell ?

The exact same type of things that you earn by doing summer event and so…
Cosmetic stuff…
But that can be seen by all players

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i mean they could do like packages for profile icons or something maybe something you miss some they make restrictvly so you progress in the game what is fine for me but i dont see a good point for making it

one thing i would find interesting would be like summer autumm and winter designs for units

For example

Candy canes as swords in Winter

Sticks in Auttum or headless riders for autumm for like halloween

and i dunno what you could take for summer but i like that trebs are throwing poolballs

Yes, my ideia is that the game should have cosmetics earn by events (like we have), and cosmetics that we may buy…
And both of them, should be seen by all the players, and not only the one that has it.

And yes, packages with icons And / Or icons in singular,
and units customizations, etc… Some of them, you might be able to buy, others you earn…
so you keep the best of both worlds, and since its only cosmetic… wont be p2w

like i said i dont think they would just pirate their own game to make more money

i would think its against their moral

do you think so? AOE Online, was with a P2W cash shop, Im just requesting a NON P2W cash shop, and a feature to see other cosmetics…

And i see nothing wrong in selling things that are trully optional

i mean not everyone needs icons

Is a DE so making a paid skin DLC hasn’t sense, this isn’t Fortnite or what ever those game…

sure, thats why not everyone will buy it, and not everyone need to buy it, but it offers that option for the ones that want to “feel pretty” haha

i mean its cosmetic as she would say so its just a cosmetical thing people could benefit from or?

I feel some friction

So probably this feature does not fits this game community, well, at least i shared, i have seen it in starcraft 2, and i really love it…and AOE 2 has “almost this” …

I said that as paid DLC no, but if it comes for free a lot of people would like it.

well i mean it could be like the what was it 4 expansions for aoe2 HD (2013)