[Feature Request] Give us a selection tab with competitive 1v1 maps

Over the years many community maps from major tournaments made it into the standard Mappool of the game.

However, many great tournament maps were designed to be played 1v1. Those Maps of course never made it to the standard Mappool.

People who just watched a big tournament ( like, for example, the Hidden Cup 3 this year ) have to look for those games in the mod section of the game…

There are already tabs with other sections of non-standard maps like the special maps -> many of them were also designed with a specific number of players in mind.

My suggestion would be to create a new tab with “1v1 competitive maps” that include all the beloved maps from recent big tournaments that do not fit the requirements to go into the standard Mappool.
Perhaps people could also vote on which they want to have included just as they vote for the map rotation…