Feature Request: Go back to a ranked lobby (not to the main menu) after finishing the game and stay in your party

I mostly play team games. I’d like to return to the ranked lobby I created, or to the ranked lobby I joined from an invite. There should be no need to create a lobby from scratch after the game concludes. All polished lobby-based games (example: Call of Duty, Battlefield) retain the lobby after the match, so you can hop into the next matchmaking without any extra pesky work of creating the lobby again. You formed a team and you stay in it for subsequent matchmaking. After the game concludes, and a player exits the stats/map, a player goes back to the lobby with their respective party. Not to the main menu. Moreover, the lobby settings are preserved - map star and bans.

This should also apply to “incomplete” lobbies, e.g. when a team of 2 matchmakes for 3v3 or 4v4s, and are assigned to two other players, after the game concludes, they should be back in their lobby of 2 people.

A lobby of one player matchmaking for 2v2 is no exception. After the game concludes, the player is back in their lonesome lobby, matchmaking for a new teammate and two enemies.


Also, the return to the party/lobby should retain the chosen game/map settings! It is so annoying that you always start alone in the party, hence the map choice for team games is not even available for the right party size.


we need this ASAP please, also keeping settings like maps etc. would be really appreciated


Oh, yeah, settings should be preserved too. I’ll add this to the feature request.

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Yes please, all the re-inviting, not just after a game, but also after every ‘failed to join match’ is a bit annoying.


The game used to actually work like this as recently as August/September, and it was changed with no substantial explanation. I would like to see this feature returned to the game as well.