[Feature request] Hide randomed civilization

This would mean that players who choose a random civilization have an advantage because their opponent only knows their civilization after scouting.
WC3 handled random race in the same way, and races are a lot more important there than civs in AoE2.
Trying to abuse it by quitting when you get a ‘bad’ civ would lose you rating.
Maybe there should be another penalty for quitting too early though.
Like with DotA2 when you have to wait 5 minutes before queueing if you leave on purpose.


What a great idea! :heart_eyes:


Thanks, I’ve edited a little and suggested a method to deal with abuse.

Hidden civ as punishment for civ pick players when their opponent goes random? I like it 11.

pretty sure StarCraft had it from the first version
+1 for this, scout and adapt

I don’t think this would change much. People are still going to pick Chinese on nomad and Steppe and pros are still going to do mirror civs. They need to basically just add an option for random civ queue or not or force people to go random. They’re already forcing people to play ■■■■ maps, why not force people to go random? That’s the current meta anyways.

It’s fine if very little changes, and it won’t force people to do anything.
It’s just a small advantage until the player finds your base or any unit.