[Feature Request] Hotkey for select all cavalry, etc

Select all (insert unit type here) buttons would save a tremendous amount of clicks and presses for me and every other poor fool out there whose OCD demands that all new units join a numbered group.

Separate buttons each for select all infantry, all horse archers, all rams, etc. Of course with a go-to on a double press.

(In a perfect world I would also love being able to set different default stances for each, but I dare not ask for the moon all at once.)

Would this be life changing for anyone else?


This would be a huge and most enjoyable important to gameplay!

Maybe could be a mess with hotkeys. I proposed long time ago, adding into the UI icons with the units you have and the posibilitie of select all units of this type when you click on it.
Just imagine the units overlay of the Capture Age but in game.

Another alternative is a different hotkey combination for groups that able you to select all type of an specific unit. For example, I select one knight, press Alt+Shift+1, so onwards, when I press group 1 hotkey, all knights will selected.


I’m not sure if it should be done for every unit, but some of them, sure. At the very least, there needs to be a select all key for resource camps, so that you can select them without moving the screen.

What criteria would you use for that? Armor class? Then cav archer count as cavalry but camels dont. It’s really not that easy to categorize units.

I think it is the best idea. Select all some type of unit is already in game which is double left click on the unit but only within the screen. Just make a new hotkey which can select all same unit in the whole map should be possible in this game

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Melee units on a horse is what I assume they meant. In my opinion they should include a wide variety of hotkeys with different categorizations and people can use whichever ones they want.


Yeah I guess so. Thing is these categories don’t exist ingame afaik so the devs would need to introduce a whole bunch of unit classes just for the sake of these hotkeys (doubt this would happen).

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Can’t they just reuse the same categories used for the “military only” option for the ingame score?

They don’t have classes set out for each of the different unit lines, their class system is really quite strange.

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A downside to this feature is that every civ would have a different optimal hotkey configuration, which would reward civ picking