[Feature Request] Karni Mata needs to show area affected. etc

As a India Main I think many other players might have faced this issue. when u are not able to see the area around Karni Mata that is affected.

Also Animals “Specifically running away from Karni mata” is a major issue, animal attraction is needed for Karni Mata, OR atleast they STOP from running away from it. Animals Literally repel Karni Mata so Bad, it can be a (Expectations vs Reality) meme in itself.

CC: @Ippert , @IkoKnight8151 @vividlyplain @Breadalus @Ekdal1378 @vitorcxb20


This part is really inconvenient. I would really like to see the area when deciding where to place Karni Mata. I know it is basically the same range as a TC, but I rarely manage to cover resources I want without spending a minute on the positioning…


isso seria uma boa ideia, pra mim o karmi mata deveria acolher animais de caça ou de gado , por exemplo cada animal no karmi mata daria um valor a mais de coleta de comida de 1% máximo de 20 animais 20%

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