Feature request: make abbasid unique conversion available with right click - like in classic AoE1&2

One more suggestion

in current state, the Abbasid imams need to pres W button or icon to start conversion, which is not worth in practice

It would be just better to make it like classic priests in AoE - with right click

one point for demonstration - “The Faithful” achievment - “Convert 30 enemies without holding a Relic as the Abbasid Dynasty.” has only 0.3% completion, so people do not use this ability in practice


I think it needs even more than that.

It is available too late in the game since you cannot convert beyond pop cap. It also goes on cooldown in situations where it is unsuccessful unlike in AoE2.

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that is right point,

I would move this conversion into age3 like in AoE 1&2

Anyway, this is not something what breaks the game, it is just meaningless in current form