[feature request] make "delete unit"/"delete all units" queueable with "new waypoint behaviour"

Now this would be a fun little intimidation tactic, that when instead of killing all your villagers, you send them into the middle of your enemey first and have them die dramatically right in front of them.
[also for a nice fakeout by using the “delete unit”-command quickly instead of “delete all units” and leaving a couple of villagers alive to construct outposts]
It also might make certain modding tasks easier (but honestly, I have no idea if it would).

Personally, I’d want to be able to precisely route my petards into those little corners where they can do maximum damage. Say we have a group of three houses, that form an L-shape (or a square-group with a gap). Now depending on where the gap is, it’s more or less difficult to destroy all three houses with only three petards. And isn’t that a little messed up? Rotation of buildings and the orientation obviously has a gameplay effect, that’s unavoidable, but with Petards it’s a very large one.
It gets somewhat manageable if you zoom into it, but in a heated battle I would not want to do it.
But doing that before, sending out petards first, whilst making another attack as a distraction somewhere else… that’d be manageable.

Now we can already preprogramm petards to some degree, but I don’t really trust the pathfinding for the last attack command. I’m worried, that they all start choosing a different angle thus not everything being in the tiny 0.5 blast radius.
And if I want to use Petards against a stack of steppe lancers and target an individual steppe lancer, the Petard would give chase and would probably be killed without doing any damage.
[can Steppe Lancers and Kamayuks remote detonate Petards, by the way? I’d hope that the frame delay makes the Petard cross the 0.5 distance, but they probably get converted and turn around and explode your buildings instead]

But mostly this would be helpful for demoships, where the situation of targeting more or less stacked ships comes up a lot more often. Targeting an individual ship (or an individual skirmisher out of dozens in the shallows) feels fundamentally wrongheaded with those units, anyway.

I don’t know for sure about this. For my understanding features like queue-commands serve to make gameplay some more intuitive and act most on character movement, but there need to be limitations on where a RTS such as standard AoE 2 play could be automated. I think that such feature could be crossing that limit a little.

P.S.: Please consider stop making these kind of pools on your topics. I know that they are meant to be well-tempered, but making a topic is for discussions sake, and provide a discussion on such approach can be discouraging.

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I still feel though that Petards/Demo-ships are unfairly disadvantaged by the control scheme and the isometric perspective.
How do you feel about an “attack ground”-command for Petards and Demo Ships and give it the same flexibility with targeting as mangos and trebs?
“attack ground” cannot be automated (though this might be a bug, since the waypoints fake you out, when you try)

You’re right about the polls. Withdrew it.

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Yeah, but I also feel they keep undertuned to stay as a not so reliable unit. They have a decent siege potential before Imperial, I find reasonable to fear some scenarios where petards can come as much, or even more, reliable as trebuchets, for example.

The attack gorund thing could work, although it sounds kinda funny a non-ranged unit to have such command.

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Could be renamed to “explode over there” and give it a less ballistic icon, but since Petards and Demos attack via exploding and creating an AoE-effect, I’d say that would be their way of attacking that ground really hard.

But another reason against it being “attack ground” is that it’s on the top right corner for trebs and mangos. That’s where garrison is already for Petards.
I’d say it should be put in the left bottom corner, that units never use for anything.
(unless I’m missing something obscure)
Distinct icons and positions should be done for not messing up the intuitiveness of the new default grid layout.

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