Feature Request: Map info background instead of giant flag

At the start of games during the loading screen, can the background be a larger version of the map that we’re going to be playing on instead of a larger version of the civ flag?

It would be more informative and give a moment or two to remember where e.g. sacred sites, rivers, cliffs, etc. are going to spawn. As it stands I just get to see my own flag twice (admittedly it’s a very pretty flag)


Rus scouts might be abused this but i cant find my enemy sometimes i hope they show players locations

I don’t mean like a new, more detailed map showing specific enemy locations - just an enlarged version of the one we see when choosing the map which already shows roughly where key features spawn

Yea im okey with that i just add a suggestion

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It seems fine to me… it would be like with AoE 3 that the map appears and an image of the terrain and climate of the map behind…

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I support this.
It would be nice as well to show the game mode, victory conditions, mods in use etc.

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