[Feature Request] Mimic Double Click Select All with Ctrl-Left Click

Let ctrl left click on a unit or building mimic a double click action (all units and buildings that are both on screen and of the type clicked are added to selection). OR Have a toggle option that when toggled on, causes ctrl left click to mimic a double click.

A ctrl left click is easier to execute than a double click. When the screen resolution is high, the camera is zoomed out, the game speed is set to Fast and units are moving quickly across the map, it is both slower and less reliable to double click a small moving unit quickly and with high accuracy. It is better to click it once with ctrl held down. This would be a big quality of life improvement for many players. It is a feature present on other RTS games including Starcraft and Starcraft 2.


is there any way to select unit like starcraft?

Ctrl + Left Click select all same type unit show on screen

i dont want to double click on unit to select all
thats feel not comfortable


As far as I know not yet. I only know this:
CTRL + Selection Box = only military selected, ALT + Selection box = only villagers selected

shift + , for military units
shift + . for idle villagers

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I agree this so ennoying the ctrl and alt option button was a good start but double clicking in a large group of differents units is difficults and unaccurate besides on a long run it s quit painfull for the index finger.
People could argue with select all military unit then shift click on the command boad the specific unit icones, but this is longer to proceed than shift clic on the map.

I would like this as well but instead of CTRL + left click, please let us have a custom hotkey for this.