Feature request: Minimap mode for spies

Everyone has encountered that form of griefing where an opponent just refuses to quit. The spies technology exists to mitigate this, but in practice it can still be hard to actually find that last unit to kill.

To eliminate a player, one must kill all villagers, military units, and production buildings. The problem is that the minimap will also show walls, houses, buildings belonging to someone else who actually did resign, etc. (Sometimes they will even garrison in a defeated ally’s building.)

The minimap already has different modes, such as an economic mode that only shows economic units, and a military mode that only shows military units. I propose adding another mode, available when a player has researched spies: Show only the units and buildings that you actually have to kill to end the game. Ignore walls, houses, resigned players, etc.

A related idea: After researching spies, there should be a free, instant, repeatable “tech” that flares the locations of all such units/buildings on the minimap the same way “treason” reveals king locations. This wouldn’t change game balance, because it would only apply after you researched spies and can theoretically see everything anyway. It would just help those of us who have a hard time squinting at the minimap.

I’m sure you get many feature requests, many of which would be hard to implement or have unintended consequences for game balance. But this should be very easy to do, would not impact game balance at all, and would help with a common frustration.

Sounds fair enough. I think option 2 is better, because option 1 can be dangerous by ignoring resigned players (since their units and buildings could attack your troops