Feature Request: Official attack bonus overview

Hi folks,
I would really like an official (preferably in-game) overview of the attack bonuses. '“Attack bonus against cavalry” is just not very informative. I think many people are interested in the exact numbers. Making the game more transparent is, in my opinion, making the game a lot more enjoyable. I mean it is a strategy game, so I need the necessary information to make up my strategies :D.
Would it be possible just to provide a basic list with all the attack bonuses (in precise numbers) inside the game? That would be marvelous.
Additionally, if possible, I would be supper interested in more official information about all stats about the units: Movement speed, attack speed. Also information about the general mechanics would be super helpful (e.g. which equations are used to compute incoming damage, is it just: attack damage + attack bonus - armor?).
There are pages like: https://ageofempires.fandom.com/wiki/, but you never know if the information provided there is correct and up to date, so something official would be great (that is updated with balance patches).
I think many games provide these kind of information nowadays to allow the users to optimize the strategies and have fun thinking about what would work best. As it is right now I just find it super hard to assess how impactful individual things really are.
I am super open for critic if you think that my is not valid. Let me know if you have good arguments against what I said. Please also let me know if you share my opinion and also would enjoy more official detailed information. If I am an idiot and the information is already available somewhere also let me know :smiley:
Thanks for the great game


I second this, in fact I already have in another post:

It wasn’t the first time it’s been brought up earlier either
these for example:

It’s frequently asked for and for good reasons, it would really help both newcomers and players who want to know all details.


I cant open any of the links. I guess they are for insiders only. But thanks for backing me up and letting me know, that more people request this. What do you think are the chances that we get this?

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Oops… Yes they’re insiders stuff. I really have no idea if it’s going to happen, but considering how close it is to launch and they haven’t implemented a first design yet it’s sadly looking like it’s not gonna happen. If so, hopefully some modder can do something about that.

Good catch there :slight_smile: I’ve edited-out your links from above.

Well, i can’t reach the pages anyway …
I understand that as Non-Insider I can not read stuff about ongoing development. But it would be super cool, if u could tell me if my suggestion is something you think about providing at some point in the future or if you think that it wouldn’t be a good idea (if yes I would be super interested in the reasoning, so I can understand it better) or if there is just no time or resources for it at the moment.
Kind Regards