FEATURE REQUEST: Offset "center view"

This might sound weird, but let me explain. I have 2 4K monitors and set up the game for full desktop. Since the monitors have a certain bezel, the TC is cut in the middle, and this is a little distracting, especially in Dark Age.

So, what about having a feature to offset the centering enough to the left or right so whenever I “Go to TC” (usually H hotkey) the TC is entirely in one of the monitors, as opposed to be cut down the middle.

I can explain further if needed.

Why not use select all TC instead? It’s typically better, because it doesn’t jump, so you can multi-task better, and it lets you spread vil creation over multiple TCs evenly.

Thanks but it is not about “not going” to the TC. I want to go to the TC, especially in Dark Age. I just want the centering logic to move the TC a bit to the left or right so it is fully contained in a single monitor.

Now the best you can do is select a house offset from the TC and Ctrl+1 and then press the all TC hotkey
In the worst case scenario you will need to have 3 monitors and problem solved 11
Issue of the 2 4K monitors users 11

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Hehe, thanks but that’s not ideal either since I still need to select the TC for vill production, gather point etc.

buy 7 more screens and arrange them in a 3x3 grid. problem solved
(but seriously: this seems like a non-intrusive change, might be quite hard to add though, depending on how it’s implemented)


Thanks. it should not be hard at all. I bet it is programmed like this: Coords of center of object are placed in the center of the viewport. Simply add to that formula a - or + offset to move it to the left or right. That’s it, I would say. Cheers.

is that how it should be implemented? yes
having worked on enterprise software, do i think that’s how it’s actually done…? 11

Hah i have 2 monitors as well and have the same problem xD So i just use 1 to play the game while the 2nd monitor has the site aoe2net open 11

Buy 1 more monitor. If you have 3 monitors then the middle monitor will show the TC in the correct position.

This is how I solved the same problem :laughing:

Highly recommend 3 if you’re going to merge them for games.

Aside from game sluggishness when I tried 2 monitors, I’m pretty sure I recall this being a problem even with my 1080 HD resolution. I think a view offset would be great to have for those who do multiple monitors. I use middle-mouse button to center on ‘last event/notification’, and the offset should work for that, too; as well as any hotkeys you use to jump to a building, unit, or group of units

Come to think of it, what do you find is the best way to launch games in a dual-monitor situation? I’ve only tried once, and I’m pretty sure I never see the option inside games to do dual monitors. I maybe had to go to Windowed mode and drag the window across both monitors or something

EDIT: I just saw “Full Desktop” as an AoE2:DE in-game option, which seems to work… and also did Windows Key + P to choose an option there (“Extend”) first. Along with the view offset option, it seems weird that menus are split right down the middle. Seems like they should they justify over to one monitor (i.e., left justify)

I run on RTX3060 and 11th gen core i7, so I really don’t have issues. Dual 4K runs @ 60Hz (v-sync on) without issues. It is quite enjoyable to play in 2 monitors, save the fact of the split TC. It is weird when managing through the Dark Age with the boars and all. Later on is less important.

Now, back to the multi-monitor issue, yes, the layout could use some improvements for full desktop mode. For example, maybe the resource bar should be moved right-aligned in the first monitor for 2-monitor setups, or in the center monitor in a 3-monitor setup, or generally speaking, in even and odd number of monitors. I don’t think there are enough of us using full desktop mode, so I guess this is too much to ask for.

So I’ll just settle and will be very grateful for the center offset for now.

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Yep, a user-definable offset would be great. Some players may want it shifted -500px to the left, some +275 to the right. Etc.

A preview window when setting up the offset would be helpful, as well.

I just tried dual monitors, and it ran fine for me, too (no slowdiwn in a 1v1 game)

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Yes, although I would not do it in terms of pixels, I would do it in terms of tiles. Or better said, in terms of the hypotenuse of a tile, or 1.4142 tiles, since that’s the line from corner to corner in the X monitor axis. So I could say “offset 3 tiles to the left” to have a 4x4 building fully moved to the left monitor, plus 1 tile margin.

This method also accounts for the zoom you use, ensuring your offset is always good regardless of the applied zoom.

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