[Feature Request]QoL for treaty players "Half Map" toggle and Look into other players decks

as a long-term player in the traty mode, i have put together some features here that would make me very happy and, in my opinion, are in the interests of most treaty players
1)Half Map toggle for Treaty
I really would wish for a “half map” feature for treaty
if you toggle it on in the lobby you will not limited to the usual building radius but rather to the half map limit and also units cannot cross the line except for scouts and balloons
Should be quite easy to implement i would also accept a half map feature where you are able to cross the half map with units but building up to the river in orinoco would be aweasome.
2)Make decks of lobby players visible to all in the lobby
Let’s look at the decks of the other players in a lobby. Often this is the reason why a game has to be stopped and many minutes are played for free. This is also often a reason why people have to be kicked out of a lobby out of caution in order to guarantee the likelihood of a good game. So far we can only use the casual rank to estimate whether a player has experience with treaty or not
3)Deck “Codes”
Give us a way to copy player decks that we see online.
Maybe let us copy a unique “code” which contains all cards for a deck so that we can paste it ingame and have the same deck as our favorite streamer.
This improves the guides that we can create and use.

I might add further QoL improvements later on