Feature request: Random Cavalry / Infantry / Archer Civ option

I always click Random civ on ranked 1v1 and team games for some time now and have been noticing how few other players select Random Civ. I was thinking of ways to encourage more people to select Random Civ and I thought a good way to do this would be to introduce a Random Strength option. So instead of just selecting either one civ or Full Random, you would have the option to pick Random Cavalry civ, Random Archer civ, Random Infantry, Random Siege, Random Tower, Random Monk, Random Camel, Random Cav Archer etc. depending on which strength and build order you are most comfortable with. So the Scouts/Knights guys don’t have to keep picking Franks/Magyars etc. every time but they also don’t have to worry that they will Random a Meso civ with no knights. Equally the archer guys don’t have to worry about randoming Spanish.

Alternatively, you could have the option of Full Random with Exceptions, so you still get a Random Civ but it won’t select the civs you have unticked on the list.


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Love this idea. There’s already this feature for maps, so it should not be too difficult to implement.

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