Feature Request: Remove town bell hotkey

I never want to use the town bell.

Sometimes I hit the hotkey by accident and my whole eco idles.

Is there a way to disable the town bell hotkey?

(I assume it is just part of the grid key layout, so doesn’t have its own dedicated hotkey. Or I’m blind :stuck_out_tongue: )

The bell should be a toggle, you click it once, all villagers start moving to TC, and you click it again, it cancel and villagers return to work.

At the moment you have to WAIT until all villagers are garrisonned and THEN need to select each building 1 by 1 and ungarison them 1 by 1. It makes no sense. It’s actually more inconvenient than before becuase of the accidental pressing on it.

What we needed is a button to return EVERYTHING to work.

Not a button to send your entire eco idle.

You need to create a new profile that’s set to “fully remappable”, then you can clear the binding:

The grid keys are all active by default. It goes against their design to turn one version of T off (this is why you have fully-remappable as an option).

We already have a button that returns everyone to work that is global though. If I recall, the default hotkey is C.

Does it return the villagers that aren’t garrisonned yet? So you can click on it right after you clicked the bell ?

Ah, no but it you don’t have to click all buildings individually.

Yeah that C button should also return villagers that aren’t garrisoned yet but have been ordered to by the bell.

By default ctrl+shift+R returns all workers to work, wherever they are, any time.

Fantastic, exactly what I was after. Thanks a ton!

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