[Feature Request] Rewind recorded games

Hey folks,
I would like to suggest a feature that allows you to rewind when watching a recorded game. For example a button that winds back 10 seconds. This would allow to rewatch important scenes without rewatching the entire recording. Happy for support and discussion


Overwatch did implement this after a while and it is delightful.

A simpler way to do thisbis implementing autosav3 points each 5 minutes so you dont have to resee all match if you forgot to set a save point.


What is a save point?

If you press the save chapter hotkey (and I’m pretty sure you can save them in the pause menu), when you go back and watch the replay you can skip back and forth between chapter points

Hi, @JokerPenguin593
It is a no brainer. However, the developers won’t change it, in my opinion. It is something, which will be left for AoE4. It is not something that even 10% of the players do. It is a caster thing mainly :eyes:

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To get better, you usually watch your replays.

So, for some people, it matters

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I agree that watching your own performances is essential to reaching your potential in any game. One thing I’ve learned, from multiple games, is there’s no substitute for recording a video recording of your games. In-game recordings that are based on recording game events certainly have their uses, and have advantages over video recordings, so there’s no harm in keeping those as well, but a video recording will always show you definitively what you saw on screen while playing (you cannot reconstruct this information from the in-game recordings, and this is also the case for some other games), and won’t become unusable after a game update. With a video recording, you can jump about in it at will. If you want to keep the video recordings without worrying about the storage space, you can always just upload them to youtube as unlisted videos.

Yeah that would be great feature, part of fun of the game is for me to figure it for myself. I wanted to devise my own build order, but without option of rewinding back and weighting all of the options, it would be impossible for me to calculate from the head… It is remaster, but it is still fairly outdated - controls, hotkeys, mechanics, UI…