Feature request - shipment point for wagons

I play EW quite a lot and I often want my wagons to ship to a different point, not the economic one.

E.G. I would like the wagon that comes from the villager shipment to spawn at the military shipment point, not at the economic point.

Some things that could be done:

  1. Some setting somewhere to ship the wagons to military shipment point.
  2. Add a shipment point that is specific for wagons, like there’s one for eco and one for military .



Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had trouble finding my factory wagons lol. This would be a nice QOL update.

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A few more points:
Some wagons cannot be selected by the idle villager banner but they show up in idle villager count.
Some military wagons count as military units. They respond to “move all military units” (or maybe I’m doing it wrong).

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Same. My solution: Make sure you have the “Select all idle villagers” hotkey mapped. It is unmapped by default. You can then use the hotkey to select all your idle vills and put them to work. As long as you don’t have idle healers, fishing boats, or whatever else also shows up on the idle vil counter, the factory wagons should then be the only units left on the counter and you could use it to find them.

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