Feature Request - Smarter Repairers

When you create buildings, Villagers immediately move forward to build everything…
However, Repairing works in a very limited way.

A villager tasked with repairing a fleet, a damage base, or siege weapons needs to receive endless APM clicking.

Could it be possible to make Repairer Villagers move forward to adjacent targets after finishing? (like builders)

I know it could affect balance favoring civilizations with an emphasis on Ships or Siege Weapons, but I feel it’s the way the game should have always been.

What do you guys think? :slight_smile:

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if u have a forward castle and a siege unit on the frontline. after castle is repaired villagers will automatically run towards the siege to repair. I could see it being counter productive as you would want to protect the villagers.

what you suggested is when you are not under heavy attack or on the offensive side. if you’re on the defense this will work against you if you’re trying to ditch buildings and build back line defense while repairing, your villis can run out there which is opposite of what you want.

you can’t have everything, one will work against the other. I’d say leave it as is.


That’s a good point.

Perhaps it could be enabled manually? The Repairer behavior is quite annoying with fleets, organ guns and other siege weapon armies.

Shallow terrain could gain strategic value for repairing ships. It could be a new part of the meta.

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if it’s enabled manually it is not much different from manual control. maybe add feature to toggle it on/off.

Or it could be a stance “auto repair on/off”

Think it’s a great idea. But lots of anti-change players here…(remember auto scout)

so don’t expect anything soon

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Can you shift-queue repairs? If you can, then it should help

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You can indeed shift-queue repairs

I feel like this is the best way to handle it then, if you had an auto repair vil hed be running all around your base wasting wood on damaged mills, houses, whatever haha

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Auto everything! Let’s see what else we can ruin because it’s too hard for someone.

Consider vils endlessly running off and wasting resources (kinda like auto farms) rather than finding a good purpose for them after they’ve finished their assigned repair task.

Thanks for all the replies guys. Yeah, I understand that adding auto-repair could cause villagers to mess around (and waste resources). But that also means there would be skill involved.

Auto everything? Ok, 3 things:

  1. Age of Mythology did have “Auto Everything”, and the pros were still unbeatable. They would come at you from a million angles (using their spare time). I never saw top-tier players get embarrassed by noobs, because Auto Everything ruined all :slight_smile: They did very complicated raiding schemes.

  2. Also from the point above, if it’s true that adding Auto-Repair Stances or even Auto-Villagers would create such havoc upon the game, it means something is deeply wrong.

  3. The perfect RTS game requires up to 1900 APM. Yes, that’s SC2 AlphaZero, but still, let’s say Age 2 requires 1000 APM. Auto-repair won’t leave skill irrelevant…

I’m more in favor of adding stuff like Auto-Repair, so there’s more time to focus on the important stuff (combat tactics). Still I recognize that Villagers chasing massed Scorpions or Organ guns with auto-repair would cause massive balance issues. Perhaps it could be a Single-Player Stance only.

PS. One issue with manually clicking Repair is that targeting siege engines inside a battle is extremely hard, if not impossible sometimes.

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