Feature request: Toggle in settings between "smart" and "absolute" cannon packing/unpacking mechanics

I’ve introduced a couple of new friends to AoE3DE in the last few weeks and both have had a hard time with their cannons constantly packing up for no reason every time a unit 1/10th of a millimetre out of their range is selected as a target. Both have whinged about it in their own way.

This is certainly the way the game has always been and as such I would strongly recommend against changing this mechanic by default. However, much in the same way that the new UI brings AoE3 a bit closer to a modern day game, perhaps we could get some kind’ve settings toggle that causes artillery to not pack/unpack without being told explicitly to do so with the pack/unpack commands if it’s checked, with the old mechanics unchanged if it’s left unchecked?


I agree to this. Please devs take a look into this one. I think that the way to go about this one. Is by giving us an option. If we want old mechanics where canons just unpack if we click far, or doesn’t matter how far we click or what we click they will keep in their stance for as long as we manually choose to.

By us having to manually choose how we want the unit to be, it brings more control of how we play the game than just having some random Unpacking in the middle of the fight that will cause us to lose the game.

Current AI pathing is game breaking and having your cannons unpack when in a fight or when something is right outside their range. owh boy that is annoying


I’m just gonna bump my own thread in the hope it actually gets seen by some devs. :confused:

In the beginning of this video you get to see how I click to attack and they unpack. I don’t want them unpacking if they can’t attack other units, just move closer even if slower but just move packed

If this gets a fix, canon fights become so much more enjoyable.