[Feature Request] Turbo Ranked Mode Idea

Hello guys, I was thinking today that I wish I had enough time to play age ranked. I think it would be a brilliant idea to add a separate ranked bracket for turbo mode for the players who love age but don’t have enough time in their personal life to play, it would also be a cool experience for veteran players to see and form new metas based around faster gameplay, any thoughts and opinions?

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You mean like Death Match?

or Castle Blood Automatic?

The former has a MM queue, the latter doesn’t.

What I mean is that there should be another option for ranked choosing either the normal speed or using the turbo mode feature for a standard “random map” game with the turbo mode feature turned on, but with the leaderboard for turbo ranked mode separate from the regular time. Therefore, players that don’t have much time to play get the full package of aoe’s “random map” mode in a condensed amount of time. You can use this feature on single player skirmish and multiplayer lobbies, however this feature is ignored when it comes to ranked, adding this feature into ranked mode would give people who enjoy ranked and leaderboards a chance to play aoe who otherwise don’t have enough time.

Match making only make sense if there is a large player base. It wont work for some niches.

Do you think turbo random map is popular enough to justify its own queue? I dont think so.

At this moment i think only Empire Wars or battle royale are the only game modes which might be added to ranked. And that is mostly because it looks like Microsoft want to push these new game modes, since they are avalaible in quick play.