[FEATURE REQUEST] Update Colors and Glow

Do you see these villagers?

Most people wouldn’t unless you remember to always select “idle villager” hotkey or the yellow light at the top left.

PLEASE update the outlines and colors so that units are no longer “invisible”.

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i also hate it, and keep ending up with idle vils, and if its annoying enough im even willing to downgrade my gfx, and use the idle villager mod (it displays a big exclamation mark above idle vils, your own and allies)

the mod doesnt work with the enhanced gfx pack unfortunately

I think it’s even worse for things like sheep on arena, they can be very hard to see when they spawn behind walls at the start. Some kind of update on the outlines would be great.

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Really? Idle Villager Pointer (UHD supported) - “UHD graphics are also supported”


mega! didnt see this one!

thanks man!!

Guys, the Idle Villager Pointer is very ugly and can be even more distracting at times.
I think it would be better to just have a brighter glow or thicker outline for villagers.
Also, the outline shouldn’t be your team color because it just blends in to your buildings.

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Especially on arena it can be confusing.

HD outlines
DE outlines

HD vs DE. It’s clear that visibillity went backwards. Notice that HD also outlines the shadows.