Feature Request

Does anyone else have a desire to be able to zoom in on the timeline charts post-game?


The whole post game stats needs work; but to be fair its not top priority. However whenever they can get around to it there are several SEVVVERAAAL stats lines ppl want to study. Like resources-gathering-rate per time; (not the almost useless stat of total resources per time). Having a low stock pile of resource per time can mean a multitude of things that can’t be distinguished from looking at the chart: did I efficiently use all my food so its low across time? Did I just stop gathering food? or a combination of using/not making much??

Villager chart should NOT be smooth but instead steps to denote villager progression OR have more numbers on the left side so we can better read how many vil at what time.

There is so much more so yea; the game needs more balance and maps and game modes and eventually new civs; all that is more important than post charts IFF they can’t do chart along side the rest of the stuff we want more.

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