Feature suggestion: auto walling

What does this consist? Simple, when you want to put a wall between point A and point B, it’s possible that for some reason it doesn’t allow you to put the wall in that place, but just a square up yes, but if you move a bit the mouse then you can’t place the wall…

Well, game knows where I can and where i can’t put a wall, I should be able to just drag and drop the wall from point A to point B (imagine the pass of a river you want to wall) and then get the wall automaticaly placed in the place I want it to be, and in case for some reason it can’t be build in some square, just interpolate the distance between the nearest square and the nearest buildable square and build the wall or pallisade.


While this feature sounds nice, I’m not sure I agree with it. Seems too “automatic”. But it could definitely help the AI a lot!

It is just to avoid the situation where you want to wall the river, then you try to put the pallisade between each side of the pass, and for some reason, you can’t place the wall straight, but if you just do a simple move to a side, then you can…

Oh, I thought you meant it as, say there’s an obstacle in the way, like not a big obstacle something small, then the wall will path around it automatically. Ok no, I kind of agree with your suggestion then. But that would then need some kind of snap feature I guess.

When I initiallly thought about this I was thinking about that also, my idea was this:

  1. When walling from point A to point B, if for example there’s a section of the wall it can’t be builded for whatever, just autoput that section in the nearly square it can be builded
  2. If i want to wall from point A to point B, if there are a large object in middle (for example, a rock or trees), just evade this section and wall the others. For example ----X----- where ‘-’ are the sections of the wall and the ‘X’ is the object, with this, the object will just keep in the middle, but by the way the wall will be effective.

I think the second method is maybe too automatic, and will do walling the whole map too easy, but maybe the first, as a help would fit.

In some games where there are a lot of gold veins, or things in the middle where you are walling, it’s a true pain to find the exact square where you can wall.

I think the —X— explanation is already how Age of Empires 2 works. If not AoE2, well then I remember it working in some RTS game like that, and it wasn’t a broken feature. Point 1. I think could work also, but then you need some kind of a snap feature, which I don’t think is implemented in the game. Point. —X— I think can definitely work if they want to implement it.

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