[FEATURE SUGGESTION] Color priority (QoL change)

Just a setting to mention the color priority order and the color gets assigned to you as you join a lobby if that is avaialbe or the next one from your priority list gets assigned.

If I have mentioned this in my settings :

Orange > Yellow > Blue > red > Purple

And I join a game where someone has already taken orange then, Ill be automatically assigned my next priority color, that is yellow in my case.

Not much of a game changer but QoL I guess.


I wonder, could they do this for ranked games as well?

It would be nice to play with colors you like in ranked games, and if you let everyone pick a color preference order then maybe the ranked lobby could try to give everyone their most preferred choice.

In case of a tie (ie multiple players say Orange > Green > Purple > Blue > Red > Yellow > Teal > Pink) you give priority to player 1 and so on down the list.

I know a friend of mine has wanted some way to increase the consistency of what color he plays in Ranked games for a long time. He won’t use Friend/Foe colors because he likes all the enemies to be in different colors. That way we can talk about who’s doing what/who’s base we’re going to attack


Oh yea , certainly same can be applied to ranked games also :slight_smile:

At least this will give people some sense of consistency over the game UI thats soo wierd


Or use friend foe colors and change your color to your liking.