Feature suggestion: French/Jeanne d'Arc market and trader improvement

when i’m reading another thread about C-of-C vs SoC, I think French trading should be improved in order to make C-of-C a more competitive option. an old idea was recalled about improving French/JD trading.
(forum censorship don’t ban the short form of Chamber of Commerce please)

French can trade food or wood. The switch require selecting one or more traders and then toggle a switch. It is hard to use as trading is often in late game and huge amount of traders are running at the back while a lot of things need to be attended in the frontline or at the base. Let’s say I have 40 traders, I have excess gold, and wish to set roughly 20 of them from gold to food, the other half from gold to wood. This task is hard to do.

Currently, the best way to set traders is to use Select All Units, then tab to traders, and do the toggle for all. This however is all or nothing, cannot set by a percent.

I wish to have to the following two features:

  1. At the French market, provide option to set default resource to trade. Say I may build 3 markets, one for gold by default, another one for food, and the last one for wood.
  2. Provide a hotkey to select 1/2 or 1/3 of all units in the “Select All Units” panel. i.e. after Select All Units, and type into traders, e.g. holding Alt and click may select randomly half of the traders. And please allow the hotkey be changed in the Fully Remappable setting.
    (this select half of the units hotkey is indeed desirable for non-traders as well, e.g. sometimes i want to split the army by a half)

When French markets are easier to use, it is more likely for players to play #### This won’t change the game balance to an extent.

Reference: Chamber of Commerce vs School of Cavalry - #4 by Salgore