[Feature suggestion] Make gather point and waypoints clearer

If you set gather point from your TC to a woodline, some times you can accidentally place not on the tree. Then your villagers will just go and take a siesta under the trees. The only difference between putting the waypoint on the tree and on the ground is the subtle flashing of a green box under the resource for 1 second.

This can be improved by giving the gather point flag an additional graphic depending on the action that will be performed. So for example, in the above case, the flag can have either a pile of logs or an axe next to it. The flag icon could just mimic the cursor icon for commanding villagers for those actions.

The same could be applied to all shift queue flags. The flag by itself could be used for move commands. For shift-queueing through berry bushes/sheep/trees/houses etc. the same above icons could be reused.

This can also be useful once shift-queueing attack commands gets fixed. Then you will know if you have accidentally given a move command.


I think that’s a really good idea. And a number of games have it as well. I also wouldn’t mind if there was a way to enlarge that flag as well. To make it slightly more noticeable

Why not you could put gather point in the economic building, and the vil automatically search for the resource?