Feature suggestion: Show time of map vote ingame

I have a feature suggestion:

Show when the map vote takes place ingame, also with a link to the forums thread.

That would be op, because many people are not active in the forums and miss the vote.
…Forum community is mostly gg I feel, so sometimes we get odd maps…


This suggestion sounds really good. I came here to look for the place where you can vote on maps for the ranked map pool and even after browsing half the internet I still haven’t found the correct place. Where are those threads?

You missed it by a week roughly. A poll shows up on the forums every few weeks, and you get three days to vote, which isn’t the best design ever.

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ideally the voting would be in the game client, but this is a nice idea if it’s too much effort to implement it in the game


Yeah, there is a ‘news’ / ‘announcement’ feature where they announce new events and stuff. Seems like it would be easy to introduce an announcement that voting is taking place with a link.

And pretty please more time for voting 7-10days

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I think a week would make sense, because most of the timers seem to run on a week, like the map pool itself runs on a rotation every few weeks.

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