Features From Past Games That Should Be In Game

history/detail pages that you can open in game from a units ui like in past age games. pausing the game to read more about the background of the Ethiopian bandit turned emperor or Nigerian scholar turned caliph in the recent aoe3 African Expansion really made me appreciate the hard and wild times these people lived through. and just seeing the in-depth details of a random tree or crocodile and how they fit the local biome and the influences and effects on that eras populations was a really neat way to see the world as the people back then saw it.

Ragdoll Physics.

Rematch and Color Selection.

Separate Cutscene/movie Selection.

Monster Trucks.

Offline Lan.

Shared Control.

Variety in wildlife and vegetation.

Natives And Mercenaries.

Abilities Like Cover Mode.

Detailed Match History with downloadable recs.

large variety of amazing and unique spc Units.

Awesome Scenario Editor and Mod Support. that works. with a functioning debugger.