Features I'd love being implemented eventually ❤️

  • Possibility to disable Intro Videos
    I know it’s possible to do this with Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, and would love the same feature in THIS game.

  • Flare in Mini Map options
    There’s a blank space for it in the game’s user interface. Would be nice if this feature was added, to enhance team play, both online and offline.

  • Optional mouse behaviors

    1. Instead of just being forced to click and RELEASE the secondary mouse button to perform an action with a unit, a toggle for the mouse to work by just pressing it, would be nice. It would take less time to move units, and would save precious time.
    2. Another toggleable feature would be to be able to move units while holding the mouse instead of having to click the screen several times for every change in movement. Would be nice, IMO, to have such an option.
  • Possibility to disable unit response sounds
    Would be cool to be able to enable/disable unit responses so the player can focus on its surroundings more effectively.

  • Possibility to build Gates so Walls can both allow and prevent units from getting in and out
    This wouldn’t change the core gameplay, plus it would imply new strategies and tactics with siege units such as Catapults and Stone Throwers.

  • Possibility to have playtime be consistent to reflect actual time played, instead of showing a value that’s affected by game speed setting
    Changing game speed also alters the playtime shown. Setting it at normal/1.0 makes time run at its actual speed, while setting it to higher values such as 1.5/2.0, makes playtime 1.5x/2x faster, respectively.

All these could also be implemented in existing and future games. I think it would be very cool to have them. The more optional features there are, the more it will please the community. Just look at how people reacted to Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition and all its optional features!

Much love to the developers involved in these awesome games! :slight_smile:


Don’t understand what you mean by this

Instead of gates automatically settling by having two sides of the walls facing each other, it would be great to be able to create them separately, manually, as if it was a different building.

A “Create Gate” button should then be implemented in the game for this feature to work.

I don’t know how’s it done in Age of Empires 2. But maybe it has a similar way to do the gates thing I suggested.

you can already create gates separately.

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Nice. Yeah, something like that in AoE1:DE would be perfect.

Oh daмn i didn’t notice you posted in the AoE1 category facepalms

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I improved upon the gates feature request, and deleted the formations one since it would probably destroy the core gameplay and would make certain units such as Catapults and Juggernauts much less effective in combat.

Added this feature to the list. It would be nice to have the playtime fixed.