Features removed from the original game

So i was searching inside the game folder and found out that it has some manuals from the original games (age of kings and conquerors) with all the update and balance changes and tech trees.

There are some few features that seem to be missing currently. Why were they removed or are they still present and i missed them.

Some examples of them

Improved game
Recorded games now save chat messages,
and you can insert chapter markers so you
can easily find important battles when you
play back the recording.
To insert chapter markers
While recording a game, click the Menu button, and then
click Save Chapter (or press F9).
To jump between chapters during playback
Click the Next Chapter button or Previous Chapter button.

To create a screenshot of a full-size map
Press CTRL+F12, and then click the button to select the reduction ratio
(1:3 is the largest image; 1:8 is the smallest).
The map image is saved in the Screenshots folder where you installed the game.

>Smarter villagers
When two or more villagers are assigned to build a wall, they space themselves out so
the wall is built more quickly and efficiently. Also walls are now built starting from the
outside and working toward the middle so they end properly at the edge of water and

Villagers do the same and are even more efficient when they are more. There is the bug that sometimes if you build more than 2 line of wall, the villagers stuck inbetween.

>Goths – Hunters now carry +15 meat.

They still do

Return to previous view – Press the BACKSPACE key to return to the previous
location on the map. For example, if the screen is centered on your army and you
jump back to your Town Center to tend your economy, press the BACKSPACE key
to return to your army. Press the key multiple times to display the last 10 locations.
-There is a hotkey for this

Smart siege weapons – Mangonels,
Onagers, and Siege Onagers don’t auto-
attack if they would harm friendly units.

-They work as intended if the units are still

Last Man Standing victory condition – After defeating the enemy, team members
turn on each other until one player wins.

Garrisoned infantry and pikemen
increase the ram’s attack vs. buildings.

Missionary: Strong vs. Teutonic Knights

Pikeman 35F, 25W 55 4 *0/0 0 M Attack bonus vs. cavalry, War Elephants
*Halberdier 35F, 25W 60 6 0/0 0 M Attack bonus vs. cavalry, War Elephants
Berserk 65F, 25G 48 9 *0/1 0 S Attack bonus vs. buildings; heals over time
Elite Berserk 65F, 25G 60 14 *2/1 0 S Attack bonus vs. buildings; heals over time
Samurai 60F, 30G 60 8 *1/1 0 S Attack bonus vs. other unique units, buildings
Elite Samurai 60F, 30G 80 12 *1/1 0 S Attack bonus vs. other unique units, buildings
Teutonic Knight 85F, 40G 70 12 5/2 0 S Attack bonus vs. buildings
E Teutonic Knight 85F, 40G 100 17 10/2 0 S Attack bonus vs. buildings
Throwing Axeman 55F, 25G 50 7 0/0 3 S Attack bonus vs. buildings; ranged attack
E Throwing Axeman 55F, 25G 60 8 1/0 4 S Attack bonus vs. buildings; ranged attack
Woad Raider 65F, 25G 65 8 *0/1 0 M Attack bonus vs. buildings
Elite Woad Raider 65F, 25G 80 13 *0/1 0 M Attack bonus vs. buildings
Huskarl 80F, 40G 60 10 *0/6 0 M Attack bonus vs. buildings, archers

halbs were faster than samurai and as fast as vikings (who were buffed in speed so also the samurai should be)

Fletching, Bodkin Arrow, and Bracer (at the Blacksmith) improve Town Center LOS (not range).

Black Forest is no longer an option if you select Random Map or Land Random.

land random?

Blind Random Map – Multiplayer only. Selects randomly between a number of different map types, and you are not told what kind of map you are playing on.

If enemy units attack a trade unit, it retreats temporarily and then attempts to continue
along its route. If the foreign Market or Dock on the trade route is destroyed, the Trade
Cart or Trade Cog returns to the Market or Dock where it received its trade goods and
awaits orders.

To eject all units of a different type (and leave only one
type of unit in the building)
Hold down CTRL+SHIFT, and then click the type of unit to
remain garrisoned.

Score victory
The first player or team to achieve the required score wins. Players earn points for
various achievements, as explained below in the score calculation. You can also win by
military conquest regardless of the score. When you select this victory condition, you
choose the score. A team score is the average of all team members’ scores.

Limited Pauses - The total number of pauses available to each player in a multiplayer game is now limited. The total number of pauses remaining is displayed each time the game is paused


This still exists in game.

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All of these are still true.

? Don’t get what you’re saying.

This was already changed with AoC in 2001.


yeah i’m not sure what point he was trying to make, i just pointed out the obvious one that stood out to me.

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Really? It doesn’t seem to be that smart in-game.

In aoc they made berserk as fast as pikemans but there is no info about samurais being given this bonus although currently they are as fast. Berserk now are even faster than pikeman.

I am not sure if rams really do more and the smart siege isn’t really smart currently as it attacks even if they were to hurt your units.

Spanish missionary, the donkey pope is strong vs teutonic knights that have resistance to conversion. I was just wondering if they had some anti nullifying teutons bonus or it claims such just because they are fast.

It isn’t. If this feature is coded, it is bugged or deactivated. (misread again sorry)

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Hopefully they implement that back. I’ve seen a video where the siege units friendly fire units in campaigns. It is hilarious but sad at the same time.

In AoC they made Berserks faster than pikes. Speed was never changed afterwards.
And it’s in AoC that Samurai were made as fast as pikes.

You can check the FE changelog to see all the changes made after AoC, and you can see no mention of speed change for these units.

Then maybe check something before complaining about it ? Specially if it’s so easy to verify that you are indeed wrong.

Same as above, maybe make be sure of your facts before starting your threads of complaints.
Missionaries have no particular bonus vs ETK in any way shape and form.


Nobody is complaining, it is just for discussion.

You can check the pdf files in the de folder and see that there is no mention of viking being faster than pikes or samurai getting as fast in aoc balance patch.

Did you check or you just assumed the rams do more like your smart siege theory?

I haven’t checked for the missionaries but it is strange that it claims they are Strong vs teutonic knights just for their speed.

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This feature is in the game. Works as intended. A mangonel will not auto attack a unit if your units are next to it. As soon as all your units died it will shoot. It will, of course, not compensate for your own units who will walk into the shot after it has fired. If a mangonel (or any upgraded version) can shoot an enemy unit without hitting any of your own units it will. I just tested this.

You can see it in these images below (All my knights had 1hp for testing purposes):


Owh and there is a hotkey for this in the game (Game Commands)… Has been there for a long time, which remembers more than 3 (didnt test more) views. This would have taken 10 seconds to check if you had the game open…



this would be really great to have back. It was removed in HD, and now is also missing in DE.

(btw on userpatch u can even take 1:12 ratio images i think)

gg wp

@RoomOfTheEvil Might as well make sure something does not exist in the game atm.
Now you got evidence in your face

Did you try this with multiple onager as well? My experience in black forest spamming onager tells me that if even an enemy unit passes through my scorp lines, the onagers won’t hesitate and murder all of them. Heck they would murder their own species.

Honestly this surprises me as if it is perfectly still, it seems working but on a real match you don’t see it working as intended. Viper playing with spam onager with ehtiopians is another proof where, when he wasn’t careful, his own onagers would kill themselves because enemy infantry was near another onager and they would shoot, if you don’t trust me.

Also which ai did you try on? Might be the old ai that has this coding. Did you try with the new ai?

Oh right, my mistake there. But i didn’t claim every of these were removed. I just said that they could have been removed or that i could have missed them.

Read fully my thread. I claim that I could have missed some of them.

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Yeah, friendly fire from onager-line units can be a real problem. I play vs AI and this is one of the reasons why I don’t use onagers, because AI manages its units individually and causes my onager to shoot at single enemy unit inside my group of units.

“No friendly fire from onager-line units” would be interesting cheat code and/or civilization bonus.

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I did not. I can try it later, can’t promise anything. Not sure which AI I used. Just the default in the Scenario Editor. Again, can try later.

I’ve seen Viper his Ethiopian DM game with many SO but he mainly clicked on or did a ground attack close to the units himself. Either way, most of the accidental kills is because units move into each other AFAIK. We’ll see when I have time and can test it :+1:t3:


The TC manual literally says “Samurai – Move faster; attack bonus vs. other unique units increased.”
Also the manuals are extremely incomplete, I can think of a dozen of changes off the top of my head that aren’t listed.

I don’t need to check, I haven’t noticed anything wrong with either when I played. You’re the one claiming these features don’t work, the burden of proof is on you my friend.

Please stop using 2001 inaccurate manuals as reference. These manuals say that knights counter monks, Turtle Ships are weak to bombard cannons or Cavalry Archers are strong vs war elephants. Most of it is complete nonsense.

Edit : Forgot the best one, Mamelukes are listed as strong vs Teutonic Knights. Need I say more ?


I mean technically they are, you could kill 50 tk with one Mameluke but do you really want to spend hours microing to kill them when you could just use cav archers?

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Where does it say they move faster than pikes? It could mean that they were even slower as the last AoC manual still lists them as S unit while pikes are M.

What is the damage increase per unit? Does it changes if you put spear or militia line or eagle or uu infantry?

Where does it say that knights counter monks? It says missionaries are countered but could be because of their special ability to counter teutonic knights or that they don’t have the buff of the normal monks to convert knights (which is why they aren’t much used) or rather knights have bonus vs missionaries.

That is because turtle ships are slow and big and bombard cannons have bonus vs ships in general

That is from age of kings and it probably considers the bonus they have (they are faster than war elephants and don’t need to get close to attack them and can attack them continuously)

If we were to take head on 1:1 situation, the war elephant is obviously the strongest unit.

Again it doesn’t consider the fight head on and you are taking it from the AoK manual, why do you switch manuals? But even though, honestly i have no idea how mameluke fare vs teutonic. Teutonic have huge armor but mamelukes have such a fast speed and fast attack rate.

I literally just told you these manuals are completely inaccurate why are you still grasping at it like they are gospel ? These speed indicators are irrelevant. Samurais had a speed of 0.9 in AoK, 1.0 in AoC.

See, you read one inaccurate statement in an outdated manual and you go into all these theories about special hidden abilities a unit may have. The truth is just boring, missionaries are just like monks when it comes to conversion. It’s just bad advices.

I used examples from both AoK and AoC manuals to showcase how terrible they can be. For the last time, read them if you want but keep in mind that almost anything can be completely off base.

For reference it takes 100 shots for a mameluke to kill a teutonic knight. If you think the ability to hit and run can offset that you are delusional.

And for the last time : Stop. Using. These. Manuals. As. Reference.