February 2022 TIERLIST

cr. Grubby


I don’t know who this guy is but he must be under 1000, for the strong players in this forum think Chinese is not weak enough.


Your taunt display is going to break :grinning:

I thought the same thing. This guy must be very bad, because he clearly doesn’t understand all of the strengths the Chinese still have now that their sub 50% winrate strat has been nerfed! I think he needs some lessons from the strategy titans on here.


Grubby is #29 at 1901 ELO. He is a WarCraft3 Pro playing AoE4.

What he say might not be applicable to under 1000 ELO people as you can destroy all noobs with any Civ.

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They were being sarcastic xD.

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rofl some people just didn’t make sure who Grubby is before they made their conclusion.

The best type of ppl here are " Relic did it on purpose, the nerfed the chinese so they can make them better next time !" This is pathetic.


He pro player.
same Rhoi512 say.