Feedback for Outpost Resource Generator

I wish to get some feedback on my mod Outpost Resource Generator. I made mods like this for AOE 2 2013 version as well.

Do you have any ideas for other sub-mods (alternate mods of this mod) or even scenarios for this mod to be used in?

The Mod: Outpost give 25 bonus population cap and give you full popheadroom. They give you 15 of every resource a minute. Outposts can’t be constructed. You will need to add heal triggers to a scenario to make sure the outposts won’t be destroyed. Outposts have 30000 hp and 1000/1000 armour. Outposts can be taken off you, by either an ally or enemy unit walking over to them. Move your own units back over to the Outpost to take it back. You will need to ban the feitoria in your scenario to make sure the game is fair.