Feedback from a player

I’ll just give some feedback that I got so far after playing for 2 hours:

  • Lack of customization on hotkeys

  • It’s hard to click things, in particular sheeps and such. Extremely poor indication of clicking in general.

  • Resource information at bottom left, being a unnatural position to look at (you should atleast be able to change).

  • Delay in game, feels like you are playing on 200ms even though I am playing on 20ms according to the server.

  • Writing in chat in the game is delayed alot, takes about 2 seconds for text to appear.

  • Trebuchet projectiles are pretty much invisible?

  • Ranked mode, coming soon?

Isn’t this supposed to be a finished game? It really does not feel like it to me. It does feel like it’s in an alpha/beta stage because there is still so many small things to fix, and I have no idea how it went through to release.


It is like an early access game.

Moreover, we cannot choose:
Random civ

The graphics is blurry which is terribly annoying.

And the Digital deluxe edition is a disgrace to players who bought it. It is simply not worth £20, probably the worst deluxe edition ever.

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I confirm that the game is just like in the open beta. XD

Yes. I just named a few.

Don’t bother.

Relic won’t respond to any feedback.

Same as how they went against fan wishes for DoW 3 being more like DoW 1 with better graphics.

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