Feedback On Africa DLC

I think this was the best dlc released for any aoe game to date, and for multiple reasons. but it was not perfect.

the graphics and design of the new content, as well as sheer variety is hard to convey. the art/sound team have really outdone themselves, and the maps are great too. only complaint in this area is the lack of a history/detail tabs for some of the new content. in this department the aoe4 team should look at what you have accomplished when designing new dlc.

the civs are interesting, unique and fun to play, and and the new natives are awesome. alliances are cool, and I like being able to rebuild special buildings through wagons in tc as well as auto upgrading mercs and natives and wish these features were ported back to other civs. however i don’t like having things like train speed and goats be locked behind alliances and think they should be a baseline unlock.

balance was bad but I found that didn’t mind as much as I thought would, and there are still useless units like Oromo and Somali Darood. some units I still believe are too strong such as the javelin rider, while conversely I think some units like the Sebastopol was over nerfed and should auto upgrade in age 4 again.

making core units cost wood like Gescanya and Fulani are a step back to the mistakes of the war chiefs expansion, while having non wood cost natives such as Eso Riders a step forward. more importantly, hopefully any new units from now on put responsiveness and usability first and have minimal artificial delay. it is not fun having units not responding to your commands immediately. I tried desert archers once and that was enough for me, while javelin riders power through with their absurd stats.

Bugs and crashes were not at a level I was happy with, but I guess it could have been worse compared to past releases.

starting in ages past age 1 still not solved for non-euro civs, wonder wagons and special alliance/state tech button in tc would be appreciated.

the biggest disappointment was the single player content though, only 2 missions feels like its too little. wish there was more, but what is available is acceptable. it doesn’t feel like we actually have a campaign for any of the new civs or the Aztecs. we need grand campaign dlcs.

overall I felt it was worth the money and while it wasn’t perfect, if future expansions continue to improve I look forward to them. I’m excited to see what the new civ will be like and I’m willing to pay for the new content based on this dlc regardless of the launch of aoe4.


I wouldnt day its the best dlc, but its your opinion, personally I think the Warchiefs was a very good dlc.

This especially, I dont know if they have changed it now, but the state church or something its called of the US, used the normal church tab etcetera and a lot of those units wouldnt have history tab. I am glad that a lot of stuff in the African dlc did have them though.

They have enough units with coin cost, it means you have to be strategic in when to use your wood cost units, so to not overuse them when they keep dying which would result in not being able to make them anymore.

10 bucks definatly was worth it, even if it had inbalance or bugs.

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