Feedback on donkeys

Played some Georgian games on beta.

Coming of donkeys takes the entire process of resource collection to a new level. They are SO effective that all other races start to look stupid.

  • Others, after depleting the mine, can simply delete it. But donkey just relocates with no recourse spent.
  • Others need to go further and further for wood and build new sawmills. And donkey just drives up.
  • Donkey can scout.
  • Donkey has the ability to escape attacks. Not too fast but it can.
  • Donkey combines 3 upgrades, no need to switch between buildings of different types.

Now everything looks like a couple of races have a proper, convenient resource extraction system, and everyone else has some kind of garbage.
I think donkey should be made an alternative option, but not the main one. There should be regular mines and sawmills, but in the TOWN HALL we could also build donkeys. Also they must be slower.
Or they should just be given to all races instead of the old system.

Edit. Also I don’t believe that a donkey can… upgrade smth. Pretty smart for an ass, you know.


Why do you call civilizations “races”? This isn’t StarCraft.


A lot of people call them like that for some reason and it sounds so weird 11


Eh I think the extra cost and weaker defensive aspect are fairly big drawbacks that kinda nullify many of the positives

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Oh? But I just photon rushed some enemies today with those OP georgian towers.

Different language, different translation.

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No, actually not in my case. In Russian they are also called “civilisazia”. But I am just very much used to tradition of all strategies. This is exactly like “build a worker”.

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It must be that they come from WC3/SC2…xd

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I still think that this building/unit it’s a game changer.
It will take some time to adapt to it but sure it’s a huge eco bonus.
Personally, I like it. But still think that need to cost 1 pop and adjust accordingly

I think we should have a “race” of super donkeys who use humans as their resource drop off buildings… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I didn’t still test the mule carts enough to see if I feel the same as you about them.

But, if anything, the critic should be aimed to Georgians and Armenians, not to all of the already existing civs.

It almost exists. It’s our governments. Only they not drop resources to people, they take them away.