Feedback: Please split the "Find and Cycle Units & Buildings" General setting to allow different behavior between F1-F4 and "Cycle TC"


Could you please split the “Find and Cycle Units and Buildings” option allow separate configuration for “F1-F4” hotkeys and “Cycle Town Center”?
It feels awkward to have both affected by the same setting because you’d usually want each of them to behave in a completely different way.

Right now I prefer to have the “Select All Military/Economic/Research Buildings” (F1-F4) not redirect my camera from the current location on screen (Select Only), similar to “Company of Heroes 2”, because most of the time I just want to research an upgrade or move a rally point to my current camera location.
From past experience Centered camera doesn’t work well with “Select All …” hotkey anyway because it usually redirects in the middle of nowhere if the buildings are split across the map.

However this setting also affects the “Cycle through Town Centers” hotkey, which I would prefer to have on “Select and Center Camera” as I am more likely to move its rally point around the TC while balancing my economy.


This needs more attention! Really easy to fix. I hope its a feature included in the next patch