Feedback regarding match replay

I was watching the replay of one of my match, and just found out the fastest way to fast forward to the bit I wanted to get to is to watch it at 8x speed. could you add a way to skip ahead or atleast have 16x the speed.


16x speed is rather quick. How long was the replay? I am not saying I wouldn’t like more speed, but 8x is usually sufficient. What I’d really love is a rewind…I understand the way replays work in most games, but I’d always sad to not have the power to rewind.

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too long for him. So he created the post.

PS also never checking replays cause waiting 3-4 min for right moment is too long.
At least in dota u can queue at the same time.

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It was about 45 minutes I did a mass convert using the rus and wanted to see it again. It took 5 minutes and a half at 8x It was a pretty long wait just for seeing some replay.