Feedback related to new skins

Only visual feedback to the new skins and art, please no offtopics. My points, suggestions and criticism:

  • First of all, great job. Is crazy good
  • Portuguese Crossbowmen look very odd, with a modern uniform but a old weapon like crossbow. If there’s some historical accuracy on that, it would be fine, but I would like to know. If not, a propper older uniform would be cool.
  • French military (Voltigeurs, Grenadiers and Muskeeters) look a little bit similar. Would be cool to diferentiate them.
  • A mod option to disallow all skins variations would be cool also for newbies and people who wish it.
  • Is nice also to see different revolutionaries unit skins for every rev civ.
  • It would be cool also new portraits for every unit. I would do like the new russian musk, use the base unit and make changes to still identify which unit class and family is.
  • Would be cool also to change the Independence era hat for Gatling MG crew.
  • Italian Culverin RG crew also looks odd with the Napoleonic uniform and the renaissance culverin. Could use the same skin as RG Mortars.

Church tech actually effects both pikeman and xbows. So the skin looks more or less relevant for both units.

I dont think french look very similar. Old guards backpack, black boots and giant hat makes you differentiate them easily.


Hmm, I just checked, the Ordenança didnt affected uniforms, just the RG of crossbows.

It is inconsistent, yeah. i would make this skin unique church tech specific tbh. For both pikeman and xbow.