Feedback/Suggestion - faster/more increments with market trading

Please add an option to convert 10k at a time.



It would be nice, maybe we can have 3 bottons

Left click(LC) - 100 resources
Shift+LC -500 resources
Ctrl + LC- 1000 resources

It could work both for the market and to send resources to an ally

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You can hold key bottom on marketplace to sell faster or buy faster than clicking on it

how i wish i could trade resources to teammate without clicking like a crack addict on my mouse

Give it a try. Select market, instead of clicking on resources, if you hold down keyboard botton for sell food for example, you can sell it a lot faster than mouse click, just hold down keyboard shortcut.
For send to allies I’m not sure if there are any shortcut

  • with new fully remappable hotkeys you can not.

Strange, it worked for me last time I used market